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Color and Vibrancy


Big Country

This mural, located at the top of the M Street underpass, features the landscapes of Sweetwater County.  Look closely for the steam engine and wild horses.

November 2014


Ambition Within

Completed in August 2016, Ambition Within features a young child depicted in the shadows of his heroes, symbolizing the freedom and opportunities that our great nation has in store for our future generations. You’ll find this mural at the corner of 5th and J Streets. 

August 2016



Located at the corner of Elk and North Front Streets, this mural is based on a Wyoming animal landscape - prairie themed and giving a working together theme of the many nationalities in Rock Springs.  

This wildlife scene uses the animals as representatives for a larger vision about working together and building a community.  The artist has made every animal in this to have the coats and colors of the pronghorn. 

The coyote draws tension and visual lines to the rabbit, while the bird sees all, and the rabbit glances down to the snake that the coyote does not see, creating a triangle and story to follow. The historic awning on the building was the center point to let the landscape build up and become almost a pillar that dictated the characters around it.

June 2017


The Plateau

The Plateau is located on Pla Mor Lanes Bowling alley at 327 C Street

Uphill struggles to success will always be evident and a true artist will need to be prepared to face these struggles along the way. The Plateau explores an artist’s nature to recognize their goals but never become limited by their concerns. To plateau may be necessary for conceptualization, but just like large birds of prey, the artist must persevere with confidence in the endeavors of their art.

July 2017


A Tribute to Wyoming

This small mural features many icons of Wyoming including the Bison, Indian Paintbrush and Western Meadowlark.  It's located on the west-facing wall of 701 2nd Street, across from Broadway Burger Station.

July 2017


Rock Springs

This mural was designed to showcase the history and surroundings of Rock Springs.  Each letter features a different image from our area.  The entire piece serves as a welcoming entrance to downtown.  Over 20 youth volunteers helped paint the mural.  It is located at 701 2nd Street, across from Broadway Burger Station, facing Eastside Elementary School.

Summer 2017


The Power of Coal

Located at the corner of M and North Front Streets, this mural pays homage to our coal mining heritage.  See if you can spot all of the hidden images in the background pattern - shovels, pickax, train car, Boar's Tusk, miner's hat, miner's lamp and railroad spike.

Spring 2018

Funded in part by a grant from AARP Community Challenge program 



Located on side of Mountain Bay Scuba (128 Elk Street), this mural depicts the history and struggle of Chinese immigrants in our community.

This mural was originally painted on the drive through of the historic First Security Bank building.  With the buildings restoration, the drive through (and mural) were demolished.  Prior to demolition we had high quality photos taken of the mural so it could be reproduced as close to accurate size as possible.  

Summer 2018



This mural captures elements of Sweetwater County's wildlife and landscape.  You'll find this mural on the side of Color Works on Broadway (518 Broadway)

Summer 2018


Selfie Spot

Designed as the perfect selfie spot, this mural pays homage to Wyoming.  It's located on the Bike and Trike building at 612 Broadway.

Summer 2018



Located on the west side of 725 N Front Street, the Lioness pays homage to women's suffrage.

Summer 2019


Wings over RS

The perfect spot for selfie. You'll find this at the corner of D and Broadway Streets.

Spring 2021



Located at 423 5th Street.  This mural features vibrant colors and iconic Wyoming animals.

This mural is part of Kayla's "Murals on the Move" project.  From 2021-2024, she is going to create a mural in each of the 50 states while traveling in her art camper that she renovated into a mural-filled wonderland! Her overarching goal with her work is to amplify businesses and communities and bring a sense of pride to the people who live in them.

Summer 2021


Kickin' It in Downtown Rock Springs

Located on C Street between South Main and Broadway, these 7' tall cowboy boots were each designed by a different artist.  

  • Indian Paintbrush - Margaret Jensen

  • Cow - Debora Soule'

  • Pop Culture - Amber Hunt, known as Amber Marie

  • Pronghorn - Chrissy Pruett

  • The Wild West - Laura Grossnickle

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