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Explore Rock Springs' Public Art

Discover. Learn. Be Inspired.

Great art isn’t just in museums and in galleries of Rock Springs. All over our community, you’ll find imaginative murals, gorgeous sculptures and other kinds of public art that will delight and inspire.

Public Art is an important part of our city, and we are working to bring even more public work to you.

Why Public Art?
Wherever it is located, public art creates community. Public art can add value and positivity to neighborhoods, it can bring a smile to someone’s face in an unexpected part of town, and it boosts people’s health, happiness, and well-being. Art enhances communal spaces like parks, pedestrian thoroughfares, public buildings, and wherever people gather. Sculptures, murals, and other art installations also strengthen a sense of identity in the community. Public art can honor an area’s history, but at the same time, encourage us to look at a brighter future for our city.

Take a tour of Rock Springs and enjoy the art that surrounds you.  In addition to the public art displays you’ll find in this directory, don’t forget about our great performing arts venues and offerings.  

Information provided by a partnership among the following sponsors:


Sweetwater County Joint Travel and Tourism Board


Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency


Community Fine Arts Center


Wyoming Arts Council


If you would like to find out more information, please contact the Community Fine Arts Center or Rock Springs Main Street/URA

307-362-6212 or 307-352-1434

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